September 23, 2012Hudson Landing Promenade Project Wins CFA Priority Status

Great news! The City of Kingston’s Consolidated Funding Application for the Hudson Landing Promenade has won first round Priority Status from the Mid-Hudson Regional Council.

The project is supported by the Town of Ulster, the County of Ulster, business and civic leaders and the Ulster County Regional Chamber of Commerce.  The public/private partnership involves the construction of a mile-long promenade along the Hudson River straddling the City of Kingston/Town of Ulster municipal boundary on an old industrial site.

The Hudson Landing Promenade will increase tourism and could jump-start the Hudson Landing housing development which has already completed its environmental review process last year.  Upon build out of Hudson Landing, the promenade will compliment the newly created neighborhoods on the Kingston/Ulster waterfront revitalizing the communities.

Upon learning of the news, AVR/Hudson Landing representative Tom Perna thanked all the public and private leaders who worked to support the project.  The Promenade project is estimated at a $5.6 million cost.  The application requests $2.8 million in grant funding with a $2.8 million match from AVR.