June 16, 2011Hudson Landing Project Moving Forward - Work on Construction Roads Progresses

People are always asking what’s happening at the Hudson Landing site? A lot has happened since the ribbon-cutting last October when the sign went up at the entrance road on Route 32 in the Town of Ulster.  The work on the construction road is really moving along nicely and we’re beginning to see the landscape take shape.  Contractors are on site moving stone every day from Hudson Landing and bringing in top soil from another AVR project.  The road from Rt. 32 now extends across First Avenue (in Kingston) heading toward the Hudson River waterfront.  There is now actually a view of the river as you come across First Avenue on the new road.  In addition to the new road (Hudson Landing Boulevard), there are test borings being conducted along the North Street entrance that will help facilitate the underground water, sewer and power services for the site.

The big news is that we anticipate the removal of the silo concrete towers on the abandoned site sometime in early fall.  More on that later!  By the way, if you’re riding along the Hudson River you’ll see the new Hudson Landing sign on the river shore.  Be sure to take our new survey if you haven’t already.  Be sure to pass the word:  Hudson Landing is moving forward working on getting the site’s infrastructure ready for development.