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October 22, 2010Hudson Landing project launched

KINGSTON – After almost a decade of planning, the Hudson Landing development project is now officially underway after a ceremonial ribbon-cutting held Thursday morning in the Town of Ulster attended by City of Kingston Mayor James Sottile and numerous other representatives of Ulster County. The project straddles the town and city.

Mayor Sottile noted that the project will “grow our community” to the tune of 25 percent, when built out. More housing means more taxpayers,he said. “It will mean that our residential and commercial assessment roles will have grown.”

According to Thomas Perna of developer AVR Realty, the ultimate goal of the project is to construct approximately 1,700 mixed residential housing units ranging from townhouses to condos and apartments.

As of now, the project is in its first phase of construction consisting of establishing the service road that will allow necessary equipment access to the site and then properly grading the entire project site, said Perna.     

He added that they will continue to conduct surveys via their website as to what sort of specifications for housing are in demand in the area so that designs for the development project can be tailored to meet the needs of the community.

Sottile said that this is a project that has been designed and accepted by the community because it has been developed through a process that says to the developer on behalf of the community, “This is what we expect to be built.”

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