History of the Planning Process

The formal and coordinated planning process for Hudson Landing began when an application was made to the City of Kingston on December 23, 2002. The project at that time consisted of a mixed use project of 2,182 residential units and 251,000 square feet of commercial development consisting of office, waterfront retail & restaurant and a 200 slip marina. Due to the size and nature of the development proposal, the City determined that the process would benefit from the preparation of a Draft Generic Environmental Impact Statement (DGEIS) under the State Environmental Quality Review (SEQR) Act, which would assess the impacts holistically and take into consideration project changes that would be inevitable for a project that could span a decade or more.

After many years of preparation by the applicant and review by the City, the DGEIS was accepted for public review and comment on July 18, 2005. Over the next six months, the project underwent a series of public hearings and comments were received by interested agencies as well as members of the public. Due to comments received from the City as well as the public the project was scaled back and modified as a Traditional Neighborhood Development (TND). The applicant immediately went to work on the preparation of a TND plan which included pedestrian friendly streets, mixed use urban neighborhoods with ground floor retail around public greens and a public use waterfront promenade included in over 300 acres of open space. The residential component consists of a variety of housing options from small lot single family homes & townhouses to condominiums and apartments, incorporated in a traditional neighborhood setting.

Finally, after seven years of coordinated planning the project received final environmental approval on April 13, 2009. The approved plan consists of 1,682 residential units incorporated within 2 distinct neighborhoods along with 78,500 square feet of neighborhood commercial space, a public waterfront promenade of almost a mile in length, upland hiking trails and open space along with a community center and public buildings.

Hudson Landing is now entering the Implementation Phase where we will take the feedback we receive from the surveys to prepare our first construction phase plans.

Planning Process Documents

Regulating Design Manual

Cover Sheet (PDF, 3.3MB)
Table of Contents
(PDF, 85KB)
Section I
(PDF, 8MB)
Section II (PDF, 42.1MB)
Section III
(PDF, 29.5MB)
Section IV
(PDF, 17.8MB)
Section V
(PDF, 302KB)
(PDF, 109KB)

Final Generic Environmental Impact Statement (FGEIS)

Appendix A
FGEIS Summary Final 12.18.08.pdf
(PDF, 4.5MB)
HL Complete Appendix A Vols I and II 12.22.2008 V1.pdf
(PDF, 269.2MB)

Appendix B
Hudson Landing FGEIS Complete Appendix B Vols I, II, III12.22.2008
(PDF, 140.8MB)

Appendix C
Complete Appendix C Vols I and II 12.22.2008.pdf
(PDF, 258.5MB)
Complete Cultural Resource Document Vols. I and II.pdf
(PDF, 74.8MB)
Final Resolution 12.18.08.pdf
(PDF, 243KB)
Hudson Landing Regulating Design Manual 12.8.8.pdf
(PDF, 70.6MB)
SEQR Notice of Completion.pdf
(PDF, 109KB)