Traditional Neighborhood Design

Hudson Landing — A “New” Traditional Neighborhood

What would it be like to walk out your front door for a short stroll to the corner store…lunch at your local cafe…picnic on the village green… ice cream with the kids…walk along the Hudson River or a hike in the woods? Well that’s life at Hudson Landing…

The Village At Hudson Landing has been planned and designed as a Traditional Neighborhood where Old…is…New Again…Narrow tree lined streets, attractive and diverse architecture, a bustling village green with shops and services all within walking distance of your front door…And to compliment it all, single family homes, townhomes and condominiums built to impeccable standards with all the comforts for modern day living.

Discover a “New” old town where community is the essence and the great American neighborhood is back to stay… why not make it your neighborhood…

Traditional Neighborhood Guiding Principles:

  • Pedestrian - friendly streetscapes with sidewalks, crosswalks and narrower streets. Homes are typically connected to the street with sidewalks leading to front porches within “wave” and “smile” distance to each other.
  • Residences, shops, workplaces and community spaces are all located within walking distance so residents can venture out on foot for daily needs.
  • A variety of housing styles to accommodate a wide range of family sizes and income levels. Homes are built to the streetscape to clearly define the public realm and promote interaction with neighbors.
  • Civic Buildings and Public spaces reinforce the elements of the neighborhood becoming symbolic of community identity. At Hudson Landing this will be accomplished through a Meeting House and Recreation Center, Central Public Greens, Riverfront Promenade, and Rotunda. Cultural and Educational opportunities will exist at the “Mule Barn” Museum and Community Center and the Environmental Education Center.
  • A hierarchy of streets serve the needs of the pedestrian as well as the automobile equitably to create a “Walkable” community.



"I was born in East Kingston 64 years ago and remember the now Hudson Landing site when it was a brickyard, a clay bank and a cement plant. Now AVR wants to transform the abandoned site into homes, condos and nature trails, increasing our tax base and helping to revitalize our city. We need this project!"

Frank Guido
Long-time resident and restauranteur
Mariners Harbour
Frank Guido's Little Italy