Sustainable Living

AVR is a market leader in green building techniques and practices that result in cost-savings, reduced maintenance, and an engaging environmental experience for our homeowners. A 100% Energy Star builder, AVR is proud to add Hudson Landing into our portfolio of environmentally sensitive communities.

Building green starts with a commitment at project inception and is reflected in the land and site planning along with the architectural design.

This critical planning and specification process is followed by the equally crucial implementation and construction phase, resulting in minimized environmental impact and highly energy efficient homes.

Some guiding principles at Hudson Landing:

  • Open Space Preservation
  • Access to the Hudson River
  • Quality of Life
  • Socially Responsible Living
  • Interaction with the Natural Environment
  • Energy Conservation
  • Reduced Carbon Footprint
  • Energy Star Compliant Homes
  • Increased Dollar Savings Every Day

We all want to “do our part” to help conserve energy, reduce waste, and minimize our impact on the environment. When buying a home at Hudson Landing you can rest assured that you are joining a select group of Socially Responsible citizens that are committed to preserving our environment.

Again, we invite you to fill out our survey, so that we may add your input and advice to our plans. How will you live in the new decade?



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"As a small business owner, I look forward to the influx of energy and business Hudson Landing will bring to our community."

Karen Clark Adin
Bop To Tottom
Uptown Stockade district gift shop