The “Mule Barn” Museum and Community Center @ Shultz Square

The property encompassing the Village at Hudson Landing has seen a long and varied history of industrial occupation from Mining to Brick Manufacturing to Ice Harvesting on the Hudson river to Cement Production. One of the last vestiges of this historical occupation is the Shultz Brickworks Mule Barn. A two story brick structure built in the latter part of the 1800’s to house the mules that were used to haul materials out of the clay banks to the yards for the manufacturing of brick.

Today the mule barn is a steadfast reminder of the property’s industrial past, but as part of the community’s rebirth it will be restored as a historical museum and community center for Hudson Landing and the greater community.  The museum portion will house artifacts retrieved from the site during the archeological exploration as well as displays which will chronicle the lengthy and varied history of the site and the region. The community center portion will house meeting rooms and facilities for neighborhood and community events.


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"I was born in East Kingston 64 years ago and remember the now Hudson Landing site when it was a brickyard, a clay bank and a cement plant. Now AVR wants to transform the abandoned site into homes, condos and nature trails, increasing our tax base and helping to revitalize our city. We need this project!"

Frank Guido
Long-time resident and restauranteur
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