History of the Site

When AVR Realty purchased the Hudson Landing property along the Hudson River it was known locally as the Tilcon property.  To many Ulster County residents, the property has a long and affectionate history dating back to as early as 1804 when settlers created a place called Kingston Commons.  By the mid-19th century the property ran year-round with brickyards, ice houses and cement factories.  From the mid-19th century until the latter end of the 20th century, the brickyards in Ulster County were the source of materials that helped build America.

Between WW I and WW II, many of the brick yards went out of business when demand for bricks lessened due to new housing standards.  Hudson River bricks were now considered too porous and the government demand for shale as part of the regulations hurt the local industry.

During the 1940’s and 1950’s the brickyards and the ice houses remained a primary source of jobs for local residents.  Creating typical American neighborhoods, the site was alive with hundreds of Irish and Italian families living in the factory houses provided on the property by the brick manufacturers.

And then a series of things happened: the brick industry continued to fade, urban renewal brought the neighborhoods down, and most significantly, the New York State Thruway opened.  The need for river transportation lessened and residents and businesses moved from the downtown Kingston Rondout district to the uptown Kingston Stockade district to be close to the Thruway exit.

1957 - Colonial Sand & Stone (a subsidiary of Hudson Cement) opened operations.

1985 - Hudson Cement factories closed down, all operations on the site ceased.

1987- The site was purchased by Tilcon Minerals who never used the site with the exception of the old brick Mule Barn which Tilcon used as their office.

For the past 25 years local residents have watched the site deteriorate into an abandoned quarry reminiscent of a moon scape.  The once vibrant neighborhoods remain off limits to public access.

2002 - Kingston Landing Development, LLC, an affiliated entity of AVR Realty contracted to buy the 254 acre site from Tilcon.

2005 - Kingston Landing Development closes on the sale of the property and proposes construction of Hudson Landing, a mixed use development of single family homes, condominiums, townhouses and apartments with supporting retail space.  The development includes public access to the Hudson River, hiking nature trails, an environmental museum and river-side restaurants.

2010 - Kingston Landing Development launches Hudson Landing website asking the public to share their vision of this signature housing development on the Hudson River.


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"I was born in East Kingston 64 years ago and remember the now Hudson Landing site when it was a brickyard, a clay bank and a cement plant. Now AVR wants to transform the abandoned site into homes, condos and nature trails, increasing our tax base and helping to revitalize our city. We need this project!"

Frank Guido
Long-time resident and restauranteur
Mariners Harbour
Frank Guido's Little Italy